A1001 FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of FAQs for the A1001 and its integration with IS1001 or IS2000.

The “Quiet REX” property needs to be checkmarked (True) under the Door properties in Hardware Manager to allow the door to unlock from the inside out without producing an alarm (Door Forced Open).
The auto scan tool will only auto discover controller(s) under the same subnet as the current PC that is running IS2000.  For A1001 controllers that are on a WAN, please make sure to pre-program the IP address of the controller(s) and make sure that the controller(s) are accessible from the IS2000 PC that is running the A1001 driver.
Most likely there is a firewall blocking the communication port. Make sure port 554 is open.
You need to add the system readers into the ACRG’s and then add the ACRG’s into the Access Levels and make sure to apply the Access Levels to the personnel records. Or you can also add readers directly into the Access Levels and add these Access Levels to the personnel records.
Most likely the power consumption and voltage exceeds the one provided from the controller. Be sure to understand the power requirements of the locking mechanism, and take in consideration that the supported voltage from the controller is 12VDC coming from H1 and H2.
This is an issue with door licensing violation. The 8 door license was exceeded by 1 door and the driver stopped. This site will require a door license upgrade (8-16 door upgrade) to work with the current settings and support the 9 doors.
Once IS1001/IS2000 takes ownership of the hardware, it is important to understand that Entry Manager should not be used to do any programming. To fix this, the A1001 needs to be reset to the factory defaults and re-downloaded from the software.
Features IS2000 On-Premise IS2000 Cloud
Manage Access Control YES YES
Manage and View Real-Time Events and Alarms YES YES
Manage Hardware YES NO
Work from a PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet at anytime NO YES
Maintenance Annual charge Included
License Model Perpetual Subscription
Access to latest product and features updates Requires Active Maintenance Included