Axis A1001 Network Door Controller


a1001 AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller and the built-in web based software AXIS Entry Manager is developed to meet the requirements of small to mid-sized businesses such as offices, industries and retail stores, that typically have 10 doors and basic access control needs.

For installations requiring more advanced access control to enterprise systems, manage the AXIS A1001 controllers with the IMRON IS1001 solution. IS1001 offers true scalability and flexibility to address all access control needs.

The video at the bottom of this page shows our demo system which is used to test 24 Network Door Controllers with 48 proximity readers generating card read transactions every second.

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Support for Power over Ethernet, which eliminates the need for separate power cables to door accessories and other proprietary data cables

Color coded connectors and the installation wizard enables fail-safe and effective installations

Support for most existing reader protocols and reader types

Configurable input/output ports and controllable high power outputs for external equipment such as door locks and positioning sensors

UL 2043 listing for plenum-rated products that comply with fire performance response for smoke and heat release in air-handling spaces

ONVIF Profile C conformance

Demo Wall

Steps to Download Axis Firmware to A1001:

• Download the axis.bin file from
• Copy this file to the IS2000/IS1001 Data folder on the IS2000/IS1001 server.
• From IS2000/IS1001 navigate to the Hardware Manager.
• Select the A1001 Controller that you wish to download to and make sure it is online
• Right click and select the ‘Controller Commands’->’Re-Load Firmware’ option from the popup menu.
• This will ask for a confirmation and the process will begin. Please wait for at least 5 minutes before attempting to do anything with the controller.

Note: It is important to also make sure that the network to the A10001 and the power to the A1001 stay connected during the firmware download process, otherwise the controller will not work.