Our reliable, durable and highly accurate fingerprint sensors, provide less than 1.5 second user recognition from the slave reader or the access control panel with an extremely low false read rate.

The user places their finger on the sensor and after the fingerprint is matched by the controller an audio and visual indication for acceptance/rejection is provided to the user. Internal Proximity Card or Mifare Card reader allows dual factor authentication for access control.

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Face Recognition

Introducing the world's first HD IP camera with embedded facial recognition and display in a single unit. Using facial recognition algorithms, users can be identified from a database of 400 faces in less than one second.

Users can also be identified from a distance of 12.5 feet with built-in IR light source. The Biocam converges IP video and access control, an industry first. Relay I/O connect door sensor, electric lock and REX hardware.

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Iris biometric systems combine the unprecedented accuracy of iris recognition with a quick, convenient solution for secure access control and identity authentication. Unlike other biometric readers that require users to stop or to position their eyes close to a camera, our products allow people to simply glance and go.