Part List Generator



Number of New Doors (Distributed Controllers):

Distributed intelligence model where an IP Controller is at each door.

Platform Preference:

Choose the type of controller.

Number of New Doors (Centralized Controllers):

Traditional wiring model with centralized controllers.

Platform Preference:

Choose the type of controller.

Number of Existing Doors:

Existing doors that will be managed by the IS2000 software (please check the IS2000 Hardware Compatibility List).

Number of New Credentials:



Only required if the software needs to run on more than 1 PC and/or if the software is going to be accessed via the web (thin client) or integrated to a third party application via the SDK.

ID Badging:

Only required if the end-user will need to create and print out badges. The ID Badging module is based on concurrent licenses.

Additional Modules:

Video Manager     (needed for integration to Video Management Systems)
Attendance Reporting
Guard Tour
Temperature Sensor


Enter the number of years of software maintenance that will be included for the system. First year of maintenance is included for free with any software server license purchase. Maintenance includes ongoing, unlimited technical phone support (non-engineering), including assistance with installation, setup, programming and operation. In addition, you will be entitled to software updates as they are made available.