DMP First Man In Disarm Programming

1- Make sure the DMP and IS2000 are running and Online and pre-configured.

2- Select the Door that will be used to disarm the DMP. Typically is the front main door.

3- Select the Reader under the APC 2R that correspond to the main door.

4- Unlock the module and click on Door Definitions.

5- Make sure to select (None) on the Door Strike Address drop list menu. This will release the door strike form the proximity reader.

6- Next, Triggers and Macros are needed for the appropriate functionality of the door

7- Here is the list of Triggers and Macros required for a first man in programming:

8- The DMP Disarm Trigger:

9- Type in a Description; Select the Access Granted Event; you can select a specific reader or all readers; Select a Trigger Code (Very Important since you only want a specific group of people firing this trigger); Enter Macro#1(We need to program this macro). And finally enter one on the first TVAR field.

10- DMP Disarm Macro Programming.

11- Add a new Macro and select Set Trigger Variable as the first command. In the TVAR Properties select TVAR1 and TVAR Value 0 (OFF)

12- Next, Add a macro command and select “DMP Secured Area Command”
In  Properties select the address of the DMP; The DMP Secured Area and finally the DMP Command in this case is 3 Disarm.

15- If more then one DMP are required to be disarmed by the first man in setup you will have to add as many DMP Secured area Commands as needed.

16- Next add a Trigger variable command:

17- Make sure that the properties for this command are as follow:
TVAR select 2 and for TVAR Value select 1 (ON)
The control Point command is not required be added in this line of commands. What is going to happened is that the manager will need to swipe his card a second time to open the front door if this command is not added. This is a cleaner way especially if you are doing multiple entry doors.
If you require to do a disarm and open the door at the same time please add this last control point command as follow.

18- Finally you can add this last command into the programming that will open the Main door. This is optional since you can set the door to open on a second card read.

19- Add the next Trigger and programming:

20- Make sure to associate this trigger to the General access Relay activation Macro. Here are the programming details of this macro.  A total of 2 command lines for this Macro.

21- The first command is Set Trigger Variable please follow the properties of this command.

22- The second command controls the door strike (Door open or door close).

23- Next is adding a trigger for flipping the TVAR’s to an opposite state. From on to off or off to on. This is not needed if General Access to employees have a time schedule association. Example a group of employees that work from 5AM to 10 PM. The activation of any Time schedule is used to flip flop the TVAR’s used in the First man in setup. Here is an example of the trigger setup.

24- This trigger will execute the TVAR Flip Macro. Here is how the Macro looks like:

25- Finally we need to add a fourth trigger that will allow the Manager or the people in charge of disarming the DMP panel Access to the front door. This is how the trigger looks like:

This Trigger is associated to the same general Access Relay Activation Macro since the door will only open using this Macro. The TVARs are limiting the access to the front door.

26- The Rex capability can be implemented in this type of door arrangement using the following Trigger/Macro set.

This is an example on how the REX trigger should be programmed.

Next is the Rex Macro example: