Edge Facts

When do I use an ER40 vs. Edge Plus device?

The ER40 Edge device has an integrated reader, the device will support up to 600 mA shared between the locks and reader when working with POE. If the customer requires the use of their own readers you would want to purchase the Edge plus.  This device allows you to select the reader and is suggested when using devices on exterior doors.  The reader would be mounted on the outside of the door and Edge Plus device mounted on the secured side of the door.  The ER40 device should only be used on interior doors.


What is the type of the Card that is compatible with this reader, and is there an ability to print on it or not?

The ER40 (Edge) uses IClass technology and requires the use of IClass cards.  Cards may be purchased as either clam shell cards (not printable) or pvc cards that can be used for printing.


What are the maximum cabling distances?

When using POE, the Ethernet cable cannot exceed 300 feet (100 m) using Category 5 cable.  
The Input Circuits cannot exceed 500 feet (150 m) using 22 AWG or 18 AWG cable.  

Output Circuits cannot exceed 500 feet (150 m) using 2-conductor 22 AWG or 18 AWG cable.  

Cabling for both the input and output Circuits should utilize twisted, shielded cable.

Please see attached wiring diagram.