Elevator Control Setup

Note:  Elevator Control is ONLY supported by the Mercury controllers.

From Hardware Manager follow these steps:

  1. Add the Mercury Access Control Driver
  2. Add the Controller
  3. Add the Sub-Controllers
  4. From the Sub-Controller readers, select the reader that corresponds to the elevator reader

Modify the following settings:


This option will remain Proximity reader



004 Elevator Reader (No Feedback)


Elevator Definitions:

  1. Max Floors Controlled by this reader: This option allows a defined number of outputs to be assigned to the reader.
  2. First Elevator Relay Sub-Controller: Select the output/relay Sub-Controller.
  3. First Elevator Relay Address: Assign the first control point in the relay range being assigned.  For example, if Max Floors Controlled by this Reader is set to four, the First Elevator Relay Address would be #1. If, for example, another elevator is added with four floors using the same output/relay sub-controller, the First Elevator Relay Address would be #5.
  4. First Elevator Input Sub-Controller: This option should be set to None (This is not used).
  5. First Elevator Input Address: Set this option to None. (This is not used)
  6. Override Mode: This option is set according to the floor group assigned to the override control points. (Floor Groups have to be created prior to assigning this option).
  7. Offline Mode/ Facility Code: These options are used as a failsafe mode, in the event the controller goes offline, the cardholder will be granted access according to the facility code assigned to the card.


Please read this article to setup the Elevator Control Access Levels.

To configure Override of Elevator Floors/Relays, please click here.