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Seems that everyone is talking about security nowadays, but using security innovation to help business increase productivity and employee welfare has always been the priority for IMRON Corporation.


Since its founder, Imron Hussain, started in the business security field more than 10 years ago, IMRON Corporation’s focus has been to use technology to leverage their customers’ investment in traditional security and create a tool that would increase their customers’ profits and performance in their markets. Their success with both local and national companies has proven this strategy correct and is fueling the company’s growth in the Integrated Security Systems sector.


Join us as we learn more about Imron Corporation’s innovations and their customer-centered strategies for success.


Security as Defense – The Old Way of Doing Business

Alarm systems, guards, access control and surveillance cameras have always been used as a defense to keep outsiders away from company property. This investment in defensive security is often viewed as a drain on company profits, a necessary evil in today’s society and an imposition on employees, customers and suppliers alike. Beyond the immediate and direct costs of this defensive security, there are the indirect and consequential costs of a defensive strategy that has an impact on new business development and growth opportunities.


A basic defensive strategy uses people as guardians of company property. This can be costly as the business grows and security needs extend to all hours of the day and night. Monitored security alarms have been one cost saving measure; they detect intruders during non-business hours and alert authorities to a problem. Problems arise for some companies during business hours as well, and the best solution has been keeping doors locked with Electronic Access Control. While this allows only authorized employees into the business and can be an effective deterrent to theft and loss of business property, it creates the need for effective visitor management. Video surveillance systems, whether actively monitored or simply for investigation of a loss, are usually part of a more complete defensive security strategy.


In most businesses across the country it is common to find any of these basic defensive security strategies used independently and often in an incomplete or inefficient overlapping manner.


True Integration – Align Security with Your Business

IMRON Corporation’s focus is to help companies integrate their separate security activities into one complete, efficient and effective security solution that works to promote their customers’ business goals and culture. They do this with a fully networked Video Surveillance, Access Control and Security Monitoring Solution that serves individual or Enterprise level businesses.


Let’s look at a specific example first, and then explore how IMRON’s techniques work for its customers. The recently completed project at The Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, consisted of retrofitting a large access control system from another supplier, replacing it with IMRON’s IS2000 Enterprise Management Solution. Using their existing network infrastructure, IMRON was able to interconnect the different security hardware and provide for expansion to include new buildings under construction. By linking the IS2000 to the customer’s existing business management system and taking advantage of existing employee data, the IS2000 is able to reduce duplication of effort and changes in employee data are handled accurately.


Large facilities such as these often use video surveillance to increase the coverage of on-site personnel who are responsible for safeguarding assets and personnel. By linking this data with other security and business management data, the customer can make better resource planning and allocation decisions.


Each and every customer’s business model includes important links to security where accurate and timely data is critical. Building a complete solution that ‘converges’ all the data at management’s fingertips helps IMRON Corporation exceed their customers’ expectations.


Integrated Security – An Asset, Not An Expense

Another case study reveals that properly integrated security, surveillance and access control system can be successfully managed as an added value and not viewed as a cumbersome intrusion into ‘personal’ space. At The Minorca, another successful IMRON Corporation project, a large residential and commercial hi-rise project in Florida takes advantage of the IS2000 to integrate their systems over a central network. The modular configuration of the system allows the local systems integrator to adapt the system to meet the specific needs of any part of the total project.


The IMRON systems integrators, local companies dedicated to designing, installing and maintaining each IS2000 system, work with each customer and the IMRON Customer Service and Training Team to identify the specific goals and culture of each customer’s business or service model and determine the best way to help them use the many capabilities of the IS2000 to serve their individual users. The maximum perceived benefit is realized whenever the system helps users in some manner that is beyond the effort they put forth.


How Integration Works – It’s Common Sense

Customers want security to make sure that assets stay where they are supposed to. They also want to make sure personnel and clients remain safe. They want certain procedures to be followed, such as assuring that tasks are completed or that materials are used or stored correctly, again often in the interest of safety or preventing loss.


How is it that an integrated security, access control and video surveillance system is designed to accomplish these tasks? A basic business workflow analysis identifies key business assets, resources (staff), interactions (visitors, vendors, clients) and core business information flow (documents and source information). By identifying how these elements work together and how to reduce any ‘security inflammation’ caused by excess inclusion of security related activity where the resulting benefit is not worth the effort, an outline of the truly integrated system can be formed. This is further developed by identifying the ‘rules’ that the business culture associates with the linking of these business elements.


The most common ‘revelation’ in this process is that there already exists data, rules, procedures or processes in the business that can be linked or adapted to the Integrated System so that the adoption of adequate security is accepted as commonplace and not an imposition. This acceptance is critical to the successful implementation and positive perception by the users and clients and is one of the factors in IMRON Corporations good track record with its customers. It also helps that the IS2000 is extensively configurable to adapt each part of the system to the business culture needs of each customer.


A Citywide Solution

Recently, the city of Bend, Oregon chose IMRON Corporation’s products to integrate the city’s security at a number of local buildings, including City Hall and the Police Department. Crucial in this project was the ability to adapt to the way that city offices and departments were linked, including safeguards and control over internal information, such as personnel photos and work schedules.


System integrators consistently rank supplier’s availability for support on projects as a top consideration in selecting a solution partner, but acknowledged that product features also matter. Access Control and Security Systems Integration Magazine selected the IMRON IS2000 as a 2005 Product of the Year Award finalist. Both features and support drove that selection. The iconographic user controls let system designers tailor displays based on each user. Responses and prompts are context sensitive and can triggered on system events and scenarios that provide a solution that ‘fits’ the culture of the organization. Best of all, the system can be adapted as the business culture changes and new scenarios are developed to represent the expected outcome. The IS2000’s truly open architecture and open database structure can be easily linked to other systems to ensure accuracy and responsive integration.


Large or Small – Every Business Can Benefit

Being responsive is another key success factor for IMRON Corporation. In a recent project for ADP Regional Offices in Northern California, IMRON and their local systems integrator was able to act quickly to provide a retrofit and expansion system to the delight of the local management team. For every size project, IMRON has a scalable solution that can include Multi Level Graphic Mapping, Photo-ID Creation and Management, Event Recording, Response Management and a number of other important features that benefit your business.


Innovations in Security for your Business

IMRON stays close to their customers by working with their systems integrators and end users on most projects. This helps keep their products at the leading edge of innovation and ensures the highest ‘convergence’ of technology and user acceptance. This customer centered strategy is a key to their success.


For more information on the company and how it converts technology, innovation and attention to customer needs into products that customers prefer, please contact Ms. Fawzia A. Atcha, Ph.D., Product Manager at (949) 341-0947.