Casi M5 Bridge

The M5 Bridge Family was built to capture legacy installations of third party access control hardware. This is not a new line of Mercury controllers. It is the Authentic Mercury controller platform reshaped to fit the specific confines of Casi Micro5 enclosure used in Picture Perfect™, Secure Perfect™ and Facility Commander™ access systems and like all Mercury hardware, it is delivered as an Open platform.

The M5 affords its users all of the current and future feature sets available in the industry’s premier access control platform and it does so in a plug & play format that makes Casi upgrades a “screwdriverless” change over. Just pull off the connectors from the Casi board, remove it, then replace it with the corresponding Mercury M5 board, refit the connectors and power up.

Mercury M5 provides a Bridge to an Open future and an escape from the proprietary past. 

Casi M5 Bridge Topology

Data Sheets

Casi Hardware

  • CPU Board
  • 2RP & 2SRP
  • 20 DI Board
  • 16 DO
  • 8 RP Board
  • 16DOR
  • Com/PSupply

Authentic Mercury

  • SCP-M
  • MR-52
  • MR-16IN x 2
  • MR-16OUT
  • ---
  • MR-16OUT
  • ---

M5 Bridge

  • M5-IC
  • M5-2RP and 2SRP
  • M5-20IN
  • M5-16DO
  • M5-8RP
  • M5-16DOR
  • ---