From Hardware Manager, unlock the module by clicking on the pad lock icon. Highlight one of the VertX controller’s from the Hardware tree list. Right mouse click on the controller and select Controller Commands, Reload firmware.   Any controllers installed under the driver will be flashed.  Please note it takes…
MEMORY ALLOCATION for SCP Compact & Expanded boards A)  Precision Access set to TRUE # Of Cards                   % of free memory Allocated                   on the Controller SCP-C         1000----------------------------------34%     …
For nearly 20 years Mercury Security has steadfastly practiced the singular art of building access control hardware.   Since 1992 in collaboration with OEM partners like IMRON Corporation, we have built an unmatched set of features into an Open hardware platform that is unequaled for reliability, longevity and effectiveness…
Add the following properties and values to the RemotePath\Drivers\12000.ini file under the section [Controller_1.0] where 1.0 represents the controller's address.  Please note that you will need to make sure that properties and values listed below must be in each controller's section.: ;enable the dual port features for this controller (0=disabled …
Alarm message for VertX: A non-numeric Data in Pin Code for VertX This message is accurately stating the issue. The software doesn't allow you to type in non-numeric values, but you can fool it by doing a copy and paste using the right click menu options.
Open Options
*Controller- C for compact, 512KB on Board SCP-C SCP-C LNL-500 Mini-SCP SSP-C NA
*Controller- Gateway for Wireless Schlage Readers SCP-C SCP-C LNL-500W Mini-SCP SSP-C NA
*Controller- S for Standard, 3MB Memory board (Total 4MB) SCP-S SCP-S LNL-1000 SCP SSP NA
*Controller- E for Expand up to 8MB (1MB on Board) SCP-E SCP-E LNL-2000 SCP-E SSP-E NA
Controller- Single door (6MB on Board) EP-1501 EPC-1 LNL-2210 EP-1501 NA eMax-EP1501
Controller- 2 on-board reader ports (6MB on Board) EP-1502 SCP-2 LNL-2220 EP-1502 SSP-D2 eMax-EP1502
Controller- M for Mega, (15MB on Board) EP-2500 SCP-M LNL-3300 EP-2500 SSP-EP eMax-EP2500
Sub-controller- Dual reader support MR-52 MR-52 LNL-1320 MR-52 RSC-2 eMax-MR-52
Sub-controller- Single reader support MR-50 MR-50 LNL-1300 MR-50 RSC-1 eMax-MR-50
Sub-controller- 16 Inputs MR-16IN SI-16 LNL-1100 MR-16IN ISC-16 eMax-MR16IN
Sub-controller- 16 Outputs MR-16OUT SO-16 LNL-1200 MR-16OUT OSC-16 eMax-MR16OUT
Multiplexer- Provides 8 RS-485 comm buses MUX-8 MUX-8 LNL-8000 MUX-8 MUX-8 NA
Multiplexer- Provides 4 RS-485 comm buses MUX-4 MUX-4 LNL-4000 MUX-4 MUX-4 NA
  * These items are no longer available from Mercury as of Jan 2009.  
The firmware download should be done 1 controller at a time.  Once the firmware is loaded the version will display in the controller status screen as x.xx. After which perform a reset to sync the host database with the controller. Please note that firmware downloads can take up to 5…
VertX will ONLY communicate to 1 PC at a time.  VertX will ONLY communicate to the IP address of the PC that has been pre-programmed into its CS/Host IP property. For IS100 (Web Browser product), this will automatically program the CS/Host property of the PC attempting to make the connection,…
LAN 1) Browser trust issue. 2) Make sure ports 4050/4070 are open on the host PC. WAN 1) Program the CS Host IP address in the Network Configuration Page. 2) Append the ?WAN=1 option to the address bar.
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