AXIS A1001- First Man In

Below are the steps for setting up the First Man In scenario:

Step 1: Install or Upgrade to IS2000 Version 9.4.43 or later.

Step 2: Copy the this Trigger Template file to your IS2000\Data folder on the IS2000 Server.  (Click on link and then right mouse click on new window with the script and select 'Save as' with a file extension of TRG)

Step 3: Launch IS2000 and make sure you have a way of toggling the state of Aux Input 1 on your Axis controller.

Step 4: Navigate to the Triggers and Macros module and select the Axis controller that you wish to test.

Step 5: Unlock the module and click on the 'Open Template' button and select the 'Reader Mode follows Input' template. Once selected, click the blue checkbox button to populate your Triggers and Macros.

At this point you are ready to test. The template should present you with two Triggers and two Macros. The Triggers will fire the Macros and toggle Reader 1 between the 'Disabled (VIP Access Only)' and 'Card Only' based on the state of the Aux Input 1. You can test the reader mode change by toggling Aux Input 1 and viewing the Controller Status window in Hardware Manager to see the Reader Mode change.

Further testing can be done by adding 2 cards that have access to the reader. Make the first card the manager card with the 'V.I.P. (Anti-Passback Exempt)' feature checked in the Advanced Access tab of the Personnel Manager module. Make the 2nd card the employee card that does NOT have the 'V.I.P. (Anti-Passback Exempt)' feature checked. Note that the Manager's card always works whether the reader is 'Disabled' or set to 'Card Only'. The Employee's card will NOT work when the reader mode is set to 'Disabled'.


Note:  This will work with any alarm system as long as the relay follows the system arming/disarming and is hardwired to the Aux Input of the A1001 Network Door Controller.