Best Practices

This article recommends a series of best practices for deploying and maintaining IS2000. The information contained in this article has been deemed the most efficient environment(s) for operating IS2000.  For questions regarding the information contained in this article please contact IMRON Technical Support.

Note:  All Microsoft hot fixes and services patches should be done frequently ensuring the machine has the latest patches / hot fixes available.


Supported IS2000 Operating Systems

  • Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (Note: End of Life (EOL) notice for Windows 2000 Support effective as of June 18, 2009.)


Supported IS2000 Databases

  • Microsoft Access  (Note:  Microsoft Access has a database size limitation of 2 GB and should be used in smaller installations in which a large amount of events do not occur.)
  • Microsoft SQL 2005 (and above), Enterprise, Standard, Express (Note:  SQL Server Express has a database size limitation of four (4) GB)


Supported IS2000 Thin Client Browsers

  • Google Chrome  (Recommended Browser)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer – Up to version 8


Database Maintenance

It is imperative that the proper database maintenance be configured for the SQL Server, IMRON Corporation is not responsible for the configuration / management of the SQL database as this is outside of the scope of support provided by IMRON Corporation. Any database maintenance plans and configuration of the SQL logging should be configured and managed by the site’s IT department as well as the installing dealer.

Archives through IS2000 should be performed regularly to ensure the size of the Events table / Audit table are not allowed to grow to unmanageable sizes.  How frequently the archive process should be scheduled will depend on the amount of events the customer receives daily.  It is strongly recommended that customers that receive 5,000 or more events daily should perform archives monthly.


Database Backups

Database backups should be completed on a regular basis.  All database backup files should be stored on a network or external drive to avoid data loss in the event of a catastrophic machine failure.  Both the Data folder as well as the database files should be backed up on a regular basis.  The database backups should be tested periodically to ensure the backup process has been completed successfully.

Event Management

For sites with a large amount of events, IMRON Corporation strongly suggests evaluating the database for events that are excessive and disabling these events.  For example, REX (Request to Exit), Door is Open and Door is Closed messages.  This will prevent the Events database from reaching capacity.


Client Connectivity

IS2000 is a server / client environment.  All licensing for the client machines is obtained from their respective server.  The client machines do not store any data and will push any changes made on the client to the server’s database.  It is imperative for the IS2000 application to be running on the server machine in order for the client machines to connect to IS2000 properly.  If there is a loss of communication between the IS2000 server and the client machine, the client machines will experience problems connecting and writing data to the database.



It is unnecessary to perform downloads frequently on the system and when completing downloads the operator should take great care in doing so to avoid an interruption of access to readers and events.  When performing a download, only one (1) download should be started at a time.  Performing multiple downloads will cause the system to download multiple times, the first download started will not be interrupted, the system will wait for the first download to complete before starting the next download.    Depending on the databases selected to be downloaded, the amount of cardholder records and the amount of controller’s onsite, the download process can take up to five (5) minutes to complete per controller.

When a download of personnel records takes place, the controller’s memory is cleared and the personnel records are sent to the controller.  During this period of time the card holder may receive an “Access Denied” event.  If the card is presented multiple times the controller will learn the card information and grant access if the card has the proper access levels.


IMRON Certification

IMRON Corporation requires that all support provided be provided to IMRON Certified dealers only.  The IMRON Certification should be renewed annually; a self guided curriculum/certification is available to IMRON dealers at no charge.

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