IS2000 Checklist

The following items should be completed prior to any connection by IMRON Corporation for software installation and configuration:

  • Make sure IS2000 will be installed on one of the supported operating systems.  If installing on Windows 2003, then please read this article.  If installing on Windows XP, then please read this article.
  • Install the latest OS updates, Windows Service Packs, and Hot Fixes from Microsoft on all of the PCs.  Please reboot the PC after the updates have been installed.
  • Install .NET 4.0 or greater on the PCs that will be running IS2000.  Make sure your PC meets the minimum requirements.
  • Install the Hardware; this would include the readers, door locks, controllers/WAPs.
  • IMRON Corporation requires utilizing a static IP address for all controllers and WAPs (Wireless Access Points).  
  • If you require IMRON Corporation to program the network information into a controller or WAP, then please have the following information available prior to our connection:
    1. IP Address of the controller(s)– It will be required that this IP address is reachable from the server by using the ping command before we can proceed.
    2. Subnet Mask of the network
    3. Default Gateway of the network
    4. Primary and Secondary DNS
  • A password to replace the default password.
  • User Credentials for the Driver Services.  These credentials should be the Local System Administrator for the Username and the password that correlates to this user.  If the server is on a domain it may be necessary to have a domain administrator account depending on the network policies.   This user must have the ability to start a Windows Service.
  • The Dongle / Registration code readily available.
For Onity installations, please have the following additional items ready:
  1. Port 8008 opened on the network / local firewall.
  2. A minimum of one (1) PDA will be required onsite to initialize the locks.
  3. USB cable available for direct connection to the WAP for network programming.