Manual Control of Device Groups / Areas

Device Groups / Areas will allow for any combination of grouped points in a Device Group / Area to be disarmed, unlocked, armed, or locked manually and will control all devices in the group once the command has been sent.

  • Click on the Access menu and click on Device Groups / Areas.
  • Unlock the pad lock to allow editing of the Device Groups / Areas module.
  • Select the controller from the pick list by clicking on the drop down arrow to the right of the Controller tag.  Once the appropriate controller has been selected all Readers, Inputs and Outputs that are associated to the controller selected will be displayed.  
  • Highlight the Device Group from the column on the left.
  • Right mouse click and select Arm, Deactivate, Lock; Force Arm, Deactivate, Lock; or Disarm, Activate, Unlock.  

 Please note that the Force Arm command in ELK can only be done if the point(s) are programmed to be Force Armed or Bypassed.