IS2000 Thin Client

The IS2000 Thin Client allows users to connect to the IS2000 server remotely from anywhere using any web browser or PDA / phone device. This allows for easy off-site management of the Access Control system. With a built-in web-server in IS2000, there is no additional software to install. From an easy to use GUI, the IS2000 Thin Client includes management and basic administration of the system.

  • IS2000 Thin Client

IS2000 Thin Client

Management and Administration

  • Personnel Manager- Manage the personnel database by adding, deleting or modifying personnel records.
  • Time Schedules- Add new or modify existing time schedules.
  • Event Manger- View real-time status of system events.
  • Door Control- View and control real-time Readers, Inputs, and Outputs. A status of all points is available detailing the status of the lock, input, and outputs.
  • Report Manager- Generate and view comprehensive system reports.
  • Access Levels- Add, delete or modify existing access levels.
  • Holidays- Holiday schedules can be implemented for current holidays or scheduled in advance for
  • upcoming events and holidays.
  • Video Manager- View live video from IP cameras.
  • Triggers and Macros- Generate system Triggers and Macros (Advanced Scripting required) – VertX Only


  • Hardware and web browser agnostic, remotely connect from a PC, MAC, PDA, or any phone with web access
  • Remote connection to the server for site specific information
  • Thin Client log in based on the pre-defined IS2000 operators
  • Users privileges based on operator profiles
  • Changes made in IS2000 Thin Client, download automatically and updates the IS2000 Server in real-time
  • Thin Client for IS2000 Client License


Thin Client Troubleshooting