Driver Won't Start

  1. IS2000 application must be installed with Full Administration privileges otherwise driver can be prevented from launching.
  2. Best not to have anti-virus software running...McFee is known to cause issues.
  3. The Driver is already running in another instance of IS2000.  This is common in Vista as you can have IS2000 open in one window and then open a second window and attempt to launch again.  This can also happen in MS 2003 Server.
  4. IS2000 was set-up to run as a 'Service' and now a second launch is being attempted.
  5. In 'Properties' the name of the computer (for the Driver) is not the actual name as being displays in the Properties/Status Area for the Computer (Black Area upper right side of screen).
  6. The application could have been installed under one station operator's profile and not allowed for anyone else on that PC and now you are trying to launch the application under a operator on that same PC.  IT people will sometimes set-up temporary operator profiles to allow access to a Technician for a short time (thus preventing viewing of the main operator's desktop, files etc.) for the purpose of servicing or adding and forget to grant Full Privileges.
  7. Try deleting the Driver (this will remove all under it) and re-install it.  If same problems is most likely a permissions issue...consult with the IT person to check for full Admin rights for that PC Client that you are installing the application under.