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Part# Product Name
S-IS2000 IS2000 Software
S-IS2000U IS2000 Software Upgrades
R-H-R15-6140 HID R15 Reader 6140
PS-Lg-5s_2.5AD-en Large Enclosure, 5/3A, 2.5A, Dis
PS-5A_3A ESD 5A @ 12vdc / 3A @ 24vdc
C-H-ProxPassII HID ProxPass Long Range Proximity for Vehicle Access Control
PS-3A ESD 12vdc 3A/24vdc 1.5A, Supervised
R-MR-10 Magstripe Reader
R-H-Mag644 HID Magstripe Reader 644
R-H-ProxProII HID ProxPro II Standard Reader 5455
MR-52 MR-52 Dual Door Sub-Controller
MR-50 MR-50 Single Door Sub-Controller
MR-DT MR-DT Display Terminal with Keypad
EN-Keylock Enclosure Barrel Lock Assembly and 2 Keys
EN-Lg Large Enclosure
SI-16 SI-16 Sixteen Input Sub-Controller
SO-16 SO-16 Sixteen Output Sub-Controller
R-H-RW100-6101 HID RW100 Mullion Mount Reader 6101
R-H-RW400-6121 HID RW400 Wall Switch Reader 6121
SS-GTS General Technical Support (Hourly Rate)
R-H-RWKLB575-6180 HID bioCLASS Reader/Enroller
R-H-RP40-6125 HID RP40 Reader 6125
R-H-Edge-ERP40m HID EdgeReader multiClass ERP40
Promo-T-Shirt IMRON T-Shirt
PS-PW Power Watch Module
R-H-ProxPro-Keypad HID ProxPro Standard Reader with Keypad
EPC-1 EPC-1 Single Door Controller
R-H-EntryProx-4045 HID EntryProx Reader
R-E-Keypad Reader Essex Keypad Reader
R-H-FirmwareFlash EDGE/VertX Firmware Flash
R-FP-640H Farpointe Keypad and Proximity Reader P-640H
SYS-2S 2 Door SCP System with Power Supply
R-H-ProxPointPlus HID Prox Point Plus
R-N-Hood Weather Protection Hood for Nedap Long Range TRANSIT Reader
R-N-Long Range Reader Nedap TRANSIT Long Range Reader
R-H-RK40 HID Wall Switch Keypad Smart Card Reader
R-H-RPK40 HID multiCLASS Reader with Keypad
R-H-Enr-iClass USB HID iClass Enrollment Reader
C-H-iClass2020 HID iCLASS Prox Contactless Smart Card
R-H-Edge-ER40 HID EdgeReader ER40
R-H-multiCLASS-RP15 HID multiCLASS RP15
R-H-multiCLASS-RP40 HID multiCLASS RP40
C-H-iClass2000 HID iClass2000 Card
C-H-iClass2080 HID iClass2080 Card
R-H-R10-6100 HID R10 Reader 6100
R-Z-F18 Standalone Biometric Reader Controller
PS-Dis4 Altronix 4 Fuse Distribution Module
SCP-M SCP-M Intelligent Controller
S-I2M Maintenance for IS2000
SYS-EXP4S 4 Door SCP Expansion System with Power Supply
SYS-EXP2S 2 Door SCP Expansion System with Power Supply
SYS-4S 4 Door SCP System with Power Supply
C-H-ProxCardII HID Wiegand Proximity Cards
C-H-SmartISOProxII Dual Technology Card iClass & Prox
USB-Dongle USB Dongle for IS2000
SYS-EXP4V 4 Door VertX Expansion System with Power Supply
SYS-EXP2V 2 Door VertX Expansion System with Power Supply
SYS-4V 4 Door VertX System with Power Supply
SYS-2V2000 2 Door VertX System (Non-Expandable) with Power Supply
SYS-2V 2 Door VertX System with Power Supply
SS-ENG Engineering (Hourly Rate)
SS-PSCS Systems Design, Configuration, Deployment and Training
SS-CR Custom Report (Hourly Rate)
SCP-2 SCP-2 Two Door Controller
R-MR-20 Magstripe Reader with Keypad
R-H-ThinLine II HID ThinLine II Switch Plate Reader 5395
R-H-R40-6120 HID R40 Reader 6120
R-H-MiniProx HID MiniProx Mullion Mount Proximity Reader
R-H-MaxiProx HID MaxiProx Proximity Reader 5375 for Vehicle Access Control
R-H-Enr USB Prox HID Enrollment Reader
R-FP-400H Farpointe-Gibraltar Proximity Reader HID Compatible
PS-Xfmr 16.5VAC 50VA Transformer
PS-Lg-2A-en Large Enclosure, 2A, Xfmr
PS-6A Altronix, 6A @ 12vdc & 24vdc
PS-2A ESD 2A @ 12vdc or 24vdc, Supervised
PS-2.5A Altronix 2.5A @ 6vdc, 12vdc & 24vdc, Unsupervised
PS-10A ESD 10A @ 12vdc, 24vdc
H-V300 VertX V300 Twelve Output Sub-Controller
H-V2000 VertX EVO V2000 Controller
H-V200 VertX V200 Sixteen Input Sub-Controller
H-V1000 VertX EVO V1000 Controller
H-V100 VertX V100 Two Door Sub-Controller
C-H-iClassTag HID iClass Adhesive Tag (2060)
C-H-iClassKey HID iClass Key (2050)
C-H-ProxKeyIII HID ProxKey III Proximity Keyfob
C-H-MicroProx HID MicroProx
C-H-ISOProxII HID ISOProx II Proximity Access Card
C-H-DuoProxII HID DuoProx II card with Magstripe
Mux-8 8 Port Multiplexer
Promo-Polo-Shirt IMRON Polo Shirt
Promo-Sports Bottle IMRON Sports Bottle
SS-Payment Order Payment
R-MR-WS10 Weather Shield for Magstripe Reader
IR-AD200 AD-200 Standalone Electronic Lock
IR-AD400 AD-400 Wireless Electronic Lock
IR-HHD HHD (Handheld Unit)
IR-PIM400 Panel Interface Module
SS-Repair Repair Services
SS-Evaluation Evaluation Services
SS-Training Training Event
MR-SR10a Mercury Standalone Magstripe Reader
Firmware-PW ProWatch Firmware
R-H-EdgeEvo-EHR40-L HID EDGE EVO EHR40-L Controller/Reader & Module
R-H-EdgeEvo-EHRP40-K HID EDGE EVO EHRP40-K Controller/Reader & Module
R-H-EdgeEvo-EHR40-K HID EDGE EVO EHR40-K Controller/Reader & Module
R-H-EdgeEvo-EH400-K HID EDGE EVO EH400-K Networked Controller
R-R-MagEnroll USB Magstripe Enrollment Reader
R-KR100 KR100 Card Reader
C-Z-Prox-Card ZK Prox Card
C-Z-Key-Fob ZK Key Fob
R-Z-Enr USB ZK Enrollment Reader
SYS-4A 4 Door ACP System
SYS-2A 2 Door ACP System
SYS-1A 1 Door ACP System
ACP-100 ACP-100 Single Door Controller
ACP-200 ACP-200 Two Door Controller
ACP-400 ACP-400 Four Door Controller
inBIO460 inBIO460 Four Door Biometric Controller
inBIO260 inBIO260 Two Door Biometric Controller
inBIO160 inBIO160 Single Door Biometric Controller
R-Z-FR1200 Biometric Reader with Prox
R-Z-FingEnr USB Fingerprint Enrollment Reader
ACP-EC10 ACP-EC10 Elevator Controller
ACP-EXT16 ACP-EXT16 Elevator Extension Board
R-KR102 KR102 Card Reader with Keypad
B-RibbonCB Color Front, Black Resin Black Dye Film, 250 Double sided prints for Enduro/Rio Pro, Color front, Black back
C-H-iClass20 HID iClass20 Card
M5-IC M5-IC Intelligent Controller
M5-2RP M5-2RP Reader Interface Module
M5-8RP M5-8RP Reader Interface Module
M5-20IN M5-20IN Zone Input Monitor Module
M5-16DOR M5-16DOR Relay Output Controller Module
M5-16DO M5-16DO Digital Output Control Module
M5-2SRP M5-2SRP Reader Interface Module
B-RioPro Magicard Rio Pro Printer
B-Ribbon5C Magicard 5 panel Color Dye Film YMCKO-350 images
SS-DBC Database Conversion (Hourly Rate)
SS-SDK SDK Programming
SS-HADR Server Clustering (Hourly Rate)
R-H-FirmwareHost EDGE Solo to Host
R-Z-IP370 IP Camera
SS-PSCS Custom Integration
BioCam300 BioCam300 Standalone IP Camera with Long Range Facial Recognition