Bosch Data Import

IS2000 will allow for data from existing Bosch panels to be imported.  During this process, once a panel has been imported, a .RAD file will be created for each corresponding panel.   These instructions assume the panels have already been added to IS2000 and are online.

Note: Take great care when performing this process. During the import process the controller will be rendered unusable until the import process has completed.

  • From Hardware Manager unlock the pad lock to allow editing of the module.
  • Highlight the Bosch Panel found in the hardware tree.
  • Right mouse click on the panel and select Controller Commands, Import Utility.
  • Click on the drop down arrow to the right of the Controller tag to select the desired panel. Please note if multiple panels are installed it is necessary to select the panel to be imported, IS2000 will default to panel one (1).
  • Once IS2000 has verified the panel is online, select the databases to be imported. To select the databases to import place a check mark to the left of the database name.
  • Click the "Begin Import" button. Once the import has started, the process can take approximately five (5) minutes to complete. During this time period the panel will be rendered unusable.
  • Once the import has completed click on the "Close" button.


Note: If the controller is not online, the contents of the Import Screen will be grayed out and unavailable for selection.