Part Numbers: Mercury, IMRON, Lenel, RS2, Open Options, Maxxess

Open Options
*Controller- C for compact, 512KB on Board SCP-C SCP-C LNL-500 Mini-SCP SSP-C NA
*Controller- Gateway for Wireless Schlage Readers SCP-C SCP-C LNL-500W Mini-SCP SSP-C NA
*Controller- S for Standard, 3MB Memory board (Total 4MB) SCP-S SCP-S LNL-1000 SCP SSP NA
*Controller- E for Expand up to 8MB (1MB on Board) SCP-E SCP-E LNL-2000 SCP-E SSP-E NA
Controller- Single door (6MB on Board) EP-1501 EPC-1 LNL-2210 EP-1501 NA eMax-EP1501
Controller- 2 on-board reader ports (6MB on Board) EP-1502 SCP-2 LNL-2220 EP-1502 SSP-D2 eMax-EP1502
Controller- M for Mega, (15MB on Board) EP-2500 SCP-M LNL-3300 EP-2500 SSP-EP eMax-EP2500
Sub-controller- Dual reader support MR-52 MR-52 LNL-1320 MR-52 RSC-2 eMax-MR-52
Sub-controller- Single reader support MR-50 MR-50 LNL-1300 MR-50 RSC-1 eMax-MR-50
Sub-controller- 16 Inputs MR-16IN SI-16 LNL-1100 MR-16IN ISC-16 eMax-MR16IN
Sub-controller- 16 Outputs MR-16OUT SO-16 LNL-1200 MR-16OUT OSC-16 eMax-MR16OUT
Multiplexer- Provides 8 RS-485 comm buses MUX-8 MUX-8 LNL-8000 MUX-8 MUX-8 NA
Multiplexer- Provides 4 RS-485 comm buses MUX-4 MUX-4 LNL-4000 MUX-4 MUX-4 NA
* These items are no longer available from Mercury as of Jan 2009.