Badge Designer: Adding a Picture / Photo to a New or Existing Badge Layout

Adding Pictures to a new or existing badge layout

  • Click on the Access menu and select Personnel Manager
  • Unlock the pad lock to allow editing of the Personnel Manager module.
  • Click on the ID Badging tab located in Personnel Manager.
  • Click on the “Edit Badge Layout Design button to create a badge layout design.
  • To add a picture to a new or already existing badge design layout, click on the Photo icon located on the vertical toolbar on the left.  
  • Once the icon has been selected, the cursor will change to that of the icons display.  Click on the desired location on the badge design layout to place the photo box.
  • With the photo box selected, modify the values on the right in the photo properties box.
  • Name: An automatic value will be added into this field, designating the name of the field with the next available Image number.
  • Width: The width of the object.
  • Height:  The height of the object. (Centimeter * 100)
  • Left:  The distance between the left edge of the object and the left edge of the badge. (Centimeter * 100)
  • Top: The distance between the top edge of the object and the top edge of the badge.
  • Rotation: Number of degrees used to rotate the object.
  • Picture:  The graphic to be displayed in the object.  To have a picture display from the database, click on the ellipse to the right of the picture label, select Photo from the DataLink field by clicking on the drop down arrow. Click the green arrow to accept the changes.  A value of Database Image will be added to the Picture field.
  • DataLink:  Once Photo has been selected in the Picture field, the DataLink field will be auto populated with a value of Photo.