Badging Module: Associating a Photo with a Card Holder Record

Capturing a badge photo

Several methods exist to capture and associate pictures with a personnel record. These methods are outlined below:

  • These methods consist of capture cards, the Access Control software is not hardware specific.  If the capture card has a driver that supports twain or for Windows, the capture card will be available for use.
  • Digital Pictures, a low resolution, digital camera can be used as a method to capture pictures.  Once the images have been taken, copy the .jpg images to the Remote path of the server \Graphics\Photos folder.  All photos copied into the Remote path of the server \Graphics\Photos folder will be available for selection immediately and does not require the software to be restarted.
  • Click on the Access menu and select Personnel Manager.
  • Unlock the pad lock to allow editing of the Personnel Manager module.
  • Click on the ID Badging tab located in Personnel Manager.
  • Highlight the personnel record for the card holder whom the picture is to be associated with.
  • Capture Source:  Select the appropriate Capture Source for the method of capture the operator will be utilizing.  If the operator is using a twain capture device, the device will not appear in the list until the drivers have been installed successfully.
  • Click on the Get image button.  If the capture source is File, browse to the remote path on the server \Data\Graphics\Photos folder and select the desired picture.  If the Capture Source has been set to a twain enabled device, the operator will be able to capture the picture based on a live view.
  • Adjust the width and placement of the picture by moving the green box to the desired width and height.  The picture can be cropped by clicking on the Aspect Ratio button and selecting the appropriate Aspect Ratio.
  • Click on the floppy disk icon to associate the picture with the personnel record highlighted.

If the Aspect Ratio has been set and does not appear on the badge design properly, the default picture image will need to have the Aspect Ratio modified.  The default image is located in the remote path of the server Data\Graphics\Photos folder.