Supported by IS2000 versions 8.9.22 and above. Please download the latest Infinova Client Viewer from our ftp site: Once installed and upgraded, please perform the following steps: Navigate to the Hardware Manager module of the IS2000 software and Unlock the module. Select the Infinova Driver on the Hardware Tree…
Once you've upgraded, run the IS2000 Configuration program and select the "1- Advanced" option for the Video Manager.  Please note that the Advanced Video Manager requires the .NET Framework so you may need to install that from Microsoft.  Start IS2000 and make sure that the version now says 8.1.97. Here…
Inovonics is the industry leader in high performance wireless sensor networks for life safety applications. With more than 10 million Inovonics wireless devices deployed across the world, Inovonics is renowned for exceptional performance and reliability in healthcare, education, government, banking, multifamily housing and senior living.   Integrating to IS2000 Add…
If you get a Bit Number but do not get a Facility Code in the Event Manager, then double-check that the data and clock wires (White & Green) have been landed on the proper termininals.  Having the wire in the reverse will cause this type of display and correcting the…
Version Control Before you begin the process of moving an IS2000 server, please make sure that you have a full install of IS2000 that is of the same version as the version of IS2000 that is currently installed on the existing server.  If the full install that you have is…
The following items should be completed prior to any connection by IMRON Corporation for software installation and configuration: Make sure IS2000 will be installed on one of the supported operating systems.  If installing on Windows 2003, then please read this article.  If installing on Windows XP, then please read this…
Prior to completing any of the steps below please make sure the IS2000 application is running on the server machine. Clients will be unable to connect without the application running on the server in some capacity (GUI mode or Service Mode).Please do the following to troubleshoot client connectivity. From the…
Error Code Runtime Error Message Additional Information5 Illegal function call Program error, verify the program has all the latest updates. If updated try reinstalling the program. If you continue to have the same errors contact the software developer.6 Overflow Program error, verify the program has all the latest updates. If…
IS2000 Features
Supported Operating Systems and Databases
OS: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000/2003/2008/2012
Databases: MS Access, SQL Server Express, SQL Server
GUI (Graphical User Interface)
New Windows GUI interface and icons
Prominent display of toolbar and module navigation
HTML and YouTube Videos based Help
Application window can resize to screen resolution
Personnel Manager with record level permission assignments
Access Levels, Time Schedules, and Holidays
Elevator Control
Triggers and Macros
Event and Alarm Manager
Device Groups/Areas and Point Status
Graphic Maps
Regional System Configuration with device level permission assignments
Operators and Profiles
Log Manager and Audit Trail
Report Manager and Report Designer
Hardware Manager
Backups and Archives
Add-on Modules
Network Clients (Thick or Thin)
Attendance Reporting
ID Badging and Badge Designer
Key Management
Guard Tour
Video Manager
Visitor Management
Add-on Access Control Drivers
ALL Mercury hardware including hardware by Lenel, Honeywell, Open Options, RS2, Quintron, Red Cloud, etc...
ALL HID VertX, Edge and Edge Plus
AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller
ZK Access ACP and inBIO controllers
Integration Features
Triggers and Macros allow programming of any event from one system to trigger a series of commands on another system.
Drivers to Access Control Panels, DVRs, NVRs, CCTV Matrix Switchers, Alarm Panels, Fire Panels, Telecommunication devices, etc...
XML and TCP Socket based SDK (Software Development Kit) that utilizes web services for third party integration
Custom Report Designer
Custom Report Templates
Attendance Reporting
Email Reporting
Guard Tour
Graphic Maps
Dynamic and real-time display of Alarm Graphics
2D and 3D Graphic Map support
Multi-Layer device plotting
Multi-Site management with unlimited zoom capabilities
When installing IS2000, two (2) database options are available.  The first database option is Microsoft SQL Express and the second database option is Microsoft Access.  When considering what database option to use it is important to take into account the amount of database traffic such as events and alarms.  Microsoft…
1. What is IS2000 Maintenance? When you order IS2000, you receive 1 year of technical support (non-engineering) as well as 1 year of updates and upgrades to any new versions released.  If you wish to receive support and upgrades after the 1 year period, you must purchase Maintenance for IS2000.…