ONSSI- Installation on Windows XP 32 Bit, SP3

Video Integration
Installation of the ONSSI Software Windows XP 32 Bit, SP3

NOTE:  Before the integration will correctly work within the Access Control Security Application, the full ONSSI SDK must be installed each machine in which the video will be displayed including any network client machines.

•  Contact your Technical Support representative for a download of the latest SDK files.
•  Install the DirectX SDK, this install the files for DirectX 9.0c.  To verify the version of DirectX installed on the Windows machine by clicking on the Windows Start Menu and then clicking on Run.  Please note, depending on the Windows Operating System, the Run option may not be displayed, to get to the Run Window if not shown as an option hold down the flying window on the keyboard and the letter R simultaneously.
     o  Dxdiag

NOTE:  Video must first be able to be displayed through the ONSSI application before displaying through the Access Control Security Application.