Adding the Bosch G Series Panel

Adding the Bosch Driver

The Bosch driver is a separately licensed feature of IS2000, licensing of a minimum of one (1) Alarm panel must have been previously purchased in order for the Bosch driver to come online.

  • From Hardware Manager, unlock the pad lock to allow editing of the Hardware Manager module.
  • Right mouse-click and select Edit, Add Driver.
  • Expand the Alarm System Drivers menu.
  • Highlight Bosch G Series Alarm Panel.
  • Click on the green check mark to complete the add of the driver.

Note:  For proper communication to the Bosch G-Series panel’s port 3001 must be configured in the Bosch panel and the port must be opened in the firewall.

Driver Properties

The Driver properties can be modified/viewed only when the Hardware Manager module has been unlocked.  To unlock the module, click on the pad lock in the upper left hand corner of the Hardware Manager screen.

  • Computer_Name - The Computer_Name should always reflect the name of the machine in which the driver will be started / stopped from.  This driver will only start / stop from the machine listed in the Computer_Name field.  The computer name can be viewed in the information window.
    • The information window can be found in the upper right hand corner of the screen and contains operator information, date and time, the host computer name, pending alarms and drivers that have been started.
  • Driver_Type -  This value is automatically populated with the proper driver type and cannot be modified.
  • Description - Enter a description for the driver.  This information will appear in the Event Manager for driver related events as well as other areas of the software.
    • To enter a Description, click in the field to the right of the Description tag and enter the desired Description.
  • Protocol - Choose which protocol the driver should use to communicate to the Bosch panel.  If you are using a GV3 or GV4 controller with firmware 8.14 or above, then select the '1:  Mode 1' option.  For firmware revisions below 8.14, please use the '0:  Legacy'.


Adding Bosch Controllers

  • From Hardware Manager unlock the pad lock to allow editing of the module.
  • Highlight the Bosch Driver in the Hardware Tree.
  • Right mouse-click on the driver and select Edit -> Add Controller.
    • Driver Address - This field will be automatically populated with the Bosch Drivers address.
    • Controller Type - Click on the drop down arrow to the right of the Controller Type tag and select the desired G-series panel.
    • Controller Address - This field contains a virtual address for the controller and should not be changed.  The next available virtual address will be assigned to the controller.
    • Controller Description - Enter a description for the Bosch Controller.  To enter a Description click in the text field to the right of the Controller Description tag.
  • Click on the green check mark to save changes.
  • Poll – Place a check mark to the left of the Poll tag to enable communication with the Bosch panel.  Please note if the poll check box is selected or removed the driver must be stopped and restarted for the changes to take affect.
  • Connection_Type – Click on the drop down arrow to the right of the Connection_Type tag to select the desired connection type.  For panels that will be connecting via Ethernet select option 4 – Ethernet.
  • Channel – Click on the drop down arrow to the right of the Channel tag to configure the Channel and Port.  Please note the channel is a virtual address and will be assigned the next number available.  The port should be configured to port 3001 for proper communication.
  • IP_Address - Enter the panel’s IP address in the text box provided to the right of the IP_Address tag.

Once the Bosch Controller has been added the associated points will automatically be added to the Hardware tree.  The total amount of possible hardware points will be brought into IS2000 and consist of the following:

  • Three (3) On Board Relays
  • 128 Off Board Relays
  • 247 Monitor Points
  • Eight (8) Readers

Note: The status of hardware points will be unavailable until the device has been enabled.

Note:  Bosch panels support a 26-Bit HID card format.

Enabling Controllers

  • From Hardware Manager unlock the pad lock to allow editing of the screen.
  • Expand the properties beneath the Controller by clicking on the arrow to the left of the controller.
  • Highlight the hardware device(s) to enable.
  • From the devices properties box place a check mark in the box to the right of the Enable tag.


Mapping Readers (Mode 1 Driver Only)

When the Bosch driver is configured as Mode 1, then the reader addresses MUST be mapped and defined in the 11001.ini file.  If this is NOT done, then the Reader Addresses will report incorrectly in the Event Manager for ALL reader/door events and reader statuses will NOT update properly in the software.

The 11001.ini file is located in the RemotePath\Drivers folder.  This is the 'Drivers' sub-folder located within the 'Data' folder on the IS2000 Server PC.  Using notepad.exe, add a [Readers] section to the 11001.ini file and list the reader mapping like the example below:





In the example above, the first 3 readers on driver 7 and controller 1 will report as 7.1.3.R1 for reader one, 7.1.3.R2 for reader two, and 7.1.3.R3 for reader three.  You will need to change the reader mapping to match what reader addresses are initially reported by IS2000's Event Manager.