IS2000- AXIS Camera Station Integration 2017-11-29T11:10:37+00:00

Follow the steps below to integrate the AXIS Camera Station to IS2000:


Enable the Developer API

  • From the AXIS Camera Station computer, launch the AXIS Camera Station Service Control (Start>Programs>AXIS Camera Station> AXIS Camera Station Tools>Service Control)
  • Select the Developer API tab and check the Modify setttings Under Settings, check the Enable Developer API box, take note of the Developer API port (50333) and Video port (50334), then click Save


Install the IS Video Component

  • From the IS2000 server, download the IS Video Component from the IMRON website or click here
  • Run the IS_Video_Setup.exe to install this IS Video component


Add the Axis Camera Station Driver

  • Launch IS2000
  • Go to the Hardware Manager and unlock the module
  • In the Hardware tree, right-click>Edit>Add Driver>DVR/NVR Video Drivers>Axis Camera Station Driver to add the Axis Camera Station Driver. Right-click the driver>Driver Commands>Start Driver
  • Right-click the newly added driver and select Edit>Add Controller>Ok to add the Video Controller
  • Click on the newly added Video Controller>Properties box, enter the following:

IP_Address – enter the IP address of the ACS Server

API Port – enter the Developer API port (default is 50333)

Video Port – enter the Video port 50334

User Name – enter a valid ACS admin user

Password – enter the password for the ACS admin user

  • Save your settings and restart the Axis Camera Station driver
  • After the driver restarts, you should see a listing of all the cameras below the Video Controller automatically


Viewing a Camera

  • Right-click on any camera>Live Video
  • IS2000 Video Manager should now launch, and the live video feed will be displayed