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1) How do readers get assigned to an Access Level?
2) A reader can be added to an Access Level twice as long as the time schedule is different.
3) Your Server is configured for a Microsoft SQL Server database and you are installing a network client, you must modify two (2) properties in order to connect to the database, where do you configure the 'Hide SQL Login' and 'Database Type'?
4) A reader can only be added to one Access Level.
5) After an upgrade I must re-enter the registration information every time.
6) The Print Preview command can be used to:
7) The zoom layer is determined by saving the file with a _z# (where # is the number of the zoom layer)?
8) How are devices plotted on the Graphic Maps module?
9) A card holder has been assigned an Access Level containing the Front Lobby reader; however, when the card holder presents his / her card they are receiving an Access Denied Time.  Why?
10) Where is the email on event option configured?
11) A card holder presents his / her card and receives an Access Denied Level, what are the potential causes?
12) Choose the correct statement regarding the Profile Editor:
13) Choose the correct statement.
14) When entering the SQL Server Name on the Client machine the name should be entered in the following manner?
15) On what tab are the Start / Stop times for Temporary Access levels configured?
16) Which option will I NOT configure through Configuration Options?
17) My Client Application machine was working properly before we moved our SQL server to another machine, now my client will not log into the application.  Why?
18) Personnel Templates in the Personnel Manager module of the software are used to determine what type of card format my cards use.
19) A profile can only be assigned to one operator.
20) To access the Filter feature I must click on the filter icon.
21) All Time Schedules in an Access Level MUST be the same.
22) I am unable to see the 'Door Forced Open' event on the Event Manager, even though the 'Log as Alarm' option is selected, why?
23) Where are the Custom Fields of the Personnel Manager module defined?
24) Up to how many Personnel Templates can be assigned to a Personnel record?
25) If I want to delete all card holders with the last name of Smith what option what must I first do?
26) IS2000 supports both Windows Authentication as well as IS2000 Authentication.
27) When configuring the Archive utility, the 'Number of Months to Keep' option specifies how many months of live data will be stored before an archive occurs.
28) The Unlock command allows which of the following:
29) When attempting to add a sub-controller using Auto-Scan I am unable to see the Auto-Setup button.  Why?
30) After installing the software I am unable to start the drivers in Hardware Manager, what is the cause?
31) How are Operators assigned privileges to various parts of the software?
32) The Hardware Manager module can display which of the following:
33) Where is device specific logging configured?
34) My client receives the message 'Maximum licensing has been exceeded or no dongle present'.  What could be the cause of the problem?
35) Are Time Schedules only used with Personnel records?
36) Which statement is not true about the Custom Command toolbar:
37) An Access level can contain both ACR Groups (Access Control Reader Groups) as well as individual readers.
38) If network clients will be installed the data folder should be shared with what permissions?
39) What statement best defines a Trigger?
40) Choose the correct statement regarding the Event Manager:
41) Can Time Schedules be set to cross midnight?
42) Watch Windows can be used to watch events for what IS2000 items?
43) Which of the following statements is true for Holidays?
44) From what tab do I start the Watch Window for a personnel record?
45) The Local Path on the client in Configuration Options must be the same as the Server's Local path.
46) I am an administrator on the local machine but when I attempt to start the software on the client I receive a message stating the proper permissions have not been configured.  What can be the cause?
47) If the application is using Microsoft Access for the database, the operators using the system at the time the backup occurs will not be affected.
48) Once a Time schedule has been programmed, this will be updated across all Controller Groups:
49) Field level permissions can be assigned to fields in Personnel Manager.
50) I have configured a holiday for today's date; however, my cards are still being granted access. What are the potential causes?
51) What is a Controller Group?
52) IS2000 supports what type of SQL authentication?
53) The Download command transfers data:
54) Which of the following information is necessary, for an individual to receive access to designated readers:
55) I have configured the email on event option but I am not receiving e-mail to my Yahoo e-mail account, why?
56) The remote path on the client machine should reference what location?
57) An Access Level:
58) What are the minimum settings required in IS2000 for the system to grant access to a Credential?
59) Backups should be performed regularly and stored on an external drive.
60) You accidentally set the input supervision to the wrong type, and a series of false alarms are pending in the Alarm Manager.  What is the quickest way to clear these false alarms?
61) Up to how many Zoom Layers can be added to a Site?
62) The Access Control software can be configured to perform automatic backups and archives.
63) What licensing modes can be applied to the client?
64) What types of Access levels can be added to a card holder?
65) How many card numbers can be assigned to a single personnel record?
66) When performing an upgrade you receive the message 'cannot overwrite DLL'.  What is the cause of this error message?
67) The Log Manager is used to determine how a transaction should be logged.  (True or False)
68) I am unable to see a device on my graphic that was previously plotted, why?
69) Microsoft Access allows for a maximum database size of 4GB.
70) While in Desktop Mode, you open up 6 windows and want to display them all in a nice tile like manner.  How should you go about doing this?

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