Access to SQL Conversion

Below is a link to a utility that will upgrade an IS2000 Microsoft Access database to an IS2000 SQL Server database:

 Click Here to Download

Steps to Follow on the Server:

  1. Before migrating IS2000 from an MS Access database to SQL Server, it is important to first close all IS2000 applications from all computers.
  2. Make sure that you have access to the SQL Server database that you wish to migrate your MS Access database to.  You will need to know the SQL Computername, SQL Username and Password.    If you do not have SQL Server installed, then download Microsoft SQL Server Express and install that first.
  3. Once you have verified that you have SQL Server installed, make sure that the MSSQLServer service is running on the SQL Server computer.  To verify this open Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services from the computer that has SQL Server installed.
  4. Run the Access2SQL utility and enter your SQL Server ComputerName and logon information.  Select the [Create new IS2000 Database] for the Database property.    Click the green arrow to begin the conversion process.  (Special Note:  If you wish to name the Database something other than IS2000, then you will need to close the MS Access to SQL utility, and create the desired database using SQL Enterprise Manager.  Once you’ve created the database, run the Access2SQL utility and select the desired database.)
  5. The Access2SQL Utility will read in all of the IS2000 MS Access database tables and create these in the new IS2000 SQL Server Database.  This process can take a long time based upon the amount of history and number of personnel records that the site has.  (Special Note:  Event database file sizes close to or above 2GB should not be used with this utility.  Archive and compact the Events.mdb file to reduce the size or backup and replace it with a new Events.mdb file.)
  6. Once the data import is complete click OK to allow the Access2SQL Utility to automatically configure IS2000 to look to the SQL Server database instead of the MS Access database.

Steps to Follow for each Client:

  1. From the IS2000 Client PC, close IS2000.
  2. Run the IS2000 Configuration Utility which is located in the IS2000 folder (Configuration.exe).
  3. Scroll to the bottom and look for the Advanced section.
  4. Set the ‘Database’ property to ‘1- SQL Server’
  5. Set the ‘Hide SQL Logon’ property to ‘False’ or unchecked.
  6. Click on the ‘Save Changes’ button at the bottom to commit changes and close the Configuration Utility.
  7. Run IS2000 and enter the correct SQL Logon information. Do not check the ‘Hide’ checkbox until you have verified that the IS2000 Client can successfully log in with the parameters entered into the SQL Logon window.