Adding Bosch Credentials

Note: Duplicate card numbers are not supported in IS2000. If a duplicate card number is imported into IS2000 the card number duplicated will be over written by the new entry.

  • From the Access, Personnel Manager menu in IS2000 unlock the pad lock to allow editing of the module.
  • Click on the green plus sign and select “Add new user”.
  • Enter the First and Last Name. Please note the Bosch panels support up to 15 characters shared between the First and Last Names. If the names entered exceed 15 characters, the data will be truncated. The First Name will appear as the first initial and the last name will consist of 14 characters. The name will appear in IS2000 as the name entered until an import from the panel takes place. Once the import has taken place the IS2000 database will reflect the name found in the Bosch panel.
  • Enter in the Card Number into the Card Number One field. IS2000 supports the use of Card Number One field only. It is imperative that a card number be entered in order for the record to be downloaded to the panel. If cards are not used please enter a fictitious card number. The Bosch panels will support a 26 bit card number and facility code, please do not exceed the supported 26 bit universe of 65535.
  • Enter the facility code into the Facility Code field. If the record is assigned as a sub-user, the record will use the pass code, facility code and authority levels of the assigned master user.
  • To assign an authority level, right mouse click in the Access Levels box and select Assign Authority Level(s) to Area(s).
  • Click on the drop down arrow to the right of the Controller Group tag and select the desired Controller group.
  • To assign a User ID click on the User ID box. Please note master users will end in .0 and will have .1, .2,.3 for the sub-users. Select the desired user number and click the “Save” button.
  • Select “Yes” to the message prompt.
  • To assign a User Group click on the drop down arrow to the right of the User Group tag. User Groups are defined in RPS but can be assigned through IS2000.
  • Select the desired authority levels for areas one (1) – eight (8) by clicking on the drop down arrow to the right of the Area # tag. Please note authority levels are created in RPS and cannot be created through IS2000.
  • Enter a passcode into the passcode field if one will be used.
  • Click the green check mark to save your changes.
  • Click the floppy disc icon to save record changes. It can take up to four (4) minutes for the record to be received by the panel.

Please note authority level 15 is reserved as the installer authority level and should not be used as a level to unlock doors using a credential.


Q. All records appear with no Authority Level.
A. This issue is caused when no .RAD file exists.

Q. A user gets an Access Granted but the name is displayed differently in Event Manager.
A. This issue occurs when a duplicate card number has been entered in the system causing the original record to be replaced.

Q. No firmware is displayed in Hardware Manager.
A. This indicates the panel is not online with IS2000.

Q. I am able to ping the Bosch Network adapter but the panel will not come online in IS2000.
A. Please verify the network settings are correct in the Bosch Network card.

Q. My card is entered into IS2000 but I receive an Access Denied with no card name.
A. The card was entered with an incorrect facility code, the card is not in the system and / or the card number exceeds 26 bits.