Adding Cardholders as Guards

NOTE:  Guard Tour is a separately licensed module, if you are unable to see the Guard Tour module from the Access Menu please check with your support personnel for licensing.

Guard Tour is completely integrated with IS2000 and supporting access control hardware platforms. With Guard Tour, operators can manage tours and receive immediate notification when checkpoints are missed. Operators also have the ability to review reports and email based on pre-defined conditions.  Guard Tour can be accessed by clicking on the Access, Guard Tour menu item.

  • From the Access, Personnel Manager module, unlock the pad lock to allow editing of the screen.
  • Locate the personnel record to be added as a Guard.  This can be accomplished by using the Find feature to locate the record.  To use the Find feature type in the search criteria in the find box.  For example a search on the card number field can be completed by entering in the card number in the find box.
  • Click on the find button.
  • Once the personnel record has been located, click on the Advanced Access Tab from within Personnel Manager.  From the Advanced Access tab, click in the “Do Not Show in Guard Tour” check box to assign the record as a Guard.  This box is a toggle box and will display “Show in Guard Tour” once the check box has been selected.
  • Click the floppy disk to save changes.