Adding Google Earth Links

Google Earth links allow the customer to link the Access Control Security Application to Google Earth. With the licensed version of Google Earth, the customer is able to host their own Google Earth server allowing for rendering of Google Earth maps to occur quickly.  3D floor plan images of buildings and floors can be completed allowing for points to be plotted directly onto the map for interactive maps as well as immediate alarm point recognition.

  • From Hardware Manager, unlock the pad lock to allow editing of the module.
  • Highlight the device from the hardware tree in which the Google Earth link will be associated.
  • Select the Google Earth link by clicking on the drop down arrow to the right of the Google Earth tag.  All Google Earth links should be saved to the remote path \ Site folder.  All Google Earth links should be saved with the kmz extension.
  • Once the point goes into alarm, Google Earth will automatically open and zoom to the Google Earth link specified.