Adding Hardware Drivers in Hardware Manager

Access control drivers are a means of integration / communication from the host pc to the hardware.  The driver must be running in order to receive events from the hardware.  Multiple hardware drivers can be installed and configured within one (1) application allowing the Access Control Security Application to be an interface for many different types of hardware at one time.

  • From the Hardware Manager click on the pad lock to unlock the Hardware module.
  • In the column located on the left, right mouse click and select Edit, Add Driver from the menu pick list.
  • Click to the left of the driver to expand the driver options.  Numerous driver types are available such as Access Control, Alarm System, DVR / NVR, Fire Panel, Telecommunications, Universal I/O and Video Matrix Switchers.  To add an Access Control driver click on the arrow to the left of Access Control Drivers and select the hardware platform installed in the field.  For example, Mercury, Onity, or VertX.
  • With the driver selected, click on the green check mark to add the driver.  The driver will appear in the hardware tree with a red square and gear icon.  The red square indicates the driver has not been started.
  • To start the driver, highlight the driver, right mouse click on the driver and select Driver Commands, Start Driver.  Once the driver has started, the status screen will display the date and time, the driver version as well as the dll version.  The gear icon will also now display a green triangle indicating the driver has started.

Note:  Up to 256 controllers are supported by driver.  If a large amount of controllers will be added to one (1) driver; depending on the resources of the PC, it may be necessary to split up the controllers between multiple drivers / PC in order to properly load balance the system.