Adding Readers to a Guard Tour

Access -> Guard Tour
Adding Readers to a Guard Tour

  • Click on Access, Guard Tour to access the Guard Tour Module
  • To add readers to a specific tour, highlight the tour from the Guard Tours Column located on the left.
  • From the Readers column on the right, highlight the first reader to be added to the tour by selecting it from the list. Readers should be added sequentially in order of how the guard must present his/her card.
  • Once the reader has been highlighted, designate the amount of time in minutes the guard will have to get from one point to another. This time can vary by reader.
  • Once the reader and the corresponding time have been selected, click on the green arrow to add the reader / time to the guard tour group. This process can be completed for each subsequent reader in order to complete the list of readers the guard must tour and the associated times the guard will be allowed to get from one reader to another. Up to 20 tours can be created.