Adding Sub-Controllers in Hardware Manager

Adding Sub-Controllers using Auto-Setup

A sub-controller can be numerous things and includes reader boards, inputs boards and output boards.  Sub-Controllers may be added to the Access Control Security software using the Auto-Scan feature. This feature is only available for sub-controllers on the RS-485 bus and only applies to the Mercury and HID hardware platforms.  The Auto-scan features searches the RS-485 data bus and locates any sub-controllers.  Once the sub-controllers are detected the operator can add all the sub-controllers.  When the sub-controller is added, the software will automatically add the associated hardware points and default industry standard configuration.  This allows the operator to bring the hardware online quickly; the operator can then go back and fine tune the configuration at a later time if necessary.

  • From the Hardware Manager click on the pad lock to unlock the Hardware module.
  • Highlight the controller from the hardware tree located in the left hand column.  Note:  if the controller is not online, the Auto-Setup process will be unavailable and a manual add of the devices will be required.
  • Right mouse click on the controller and select Edit, Add Sub-Controller.
  • Click on the Auto-Setup button to perform an Auto-Scan, at this time the RS-485 bus will be searched for any available sub-controller devices connected.
  • The sub-controller(s) found will be listed by type of device. Click on the Add Sub-Controllers button.
  • All sub-controllers will be listed beneath the associated controller in the hardware tree.  Each sub-controller will also be listed by address on the status screen.  The sub-controller will appear with the physical address of the device, the device model and the default reader mode(s) (if the device is a reader module).

Note:  When adding new sub-controllers, if the controller is not online the Auto-Setup button will not appear.

Adding Sub-Controllers using Manual Setup

  • From Hardware Manager unlock the pad lock to allow editing of the screen.
  • Highlight the Controller from the Hardware Tree.
  • Right mouse-click on the Controller and select Edit, Add Sub-Controller.
  • Click on the Manual Setup tab.
  • Driver.Controller Address:  This value represents which Controller to associate the sub-controller to.  The Driver.Controller Address will automatically be populated based on the controller selected.
  • Sub-Controller Type:  Click on the drop down arrow to the right of the Controller Type tag and selected the desired controller type from the pick list provided.  For example:  MR-52.
  • Sub-Controller Address:  This value is the physical address assigned to the sub-controller, all addresses on the RS-485 bus must be unique.
  • Sub-Controller Description:  Enter a description for the sub-controller; this description will represent the sub-controller through out the software.
  • Copies:  Enter the number of copies to add, when adding a copy the information entered during the manual setup process will be duplicated creating additional sub-controllers.

Note:  For Onity Wireless Locks, initial programming MUST be done from the PDA programmer.  Please consult the Onity Wireless Lock User Manual for more details.