Alarm Acknowledgement

  • As alarms occur, the operator will be notified via the IS2000 GUI (Graphical User Interface) through both Event Manager as well as the Information window as shown in the display below.
  • To acknowledge an alarm, click on the Alarm Pending line located in the information window, this window is located in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  • Pending alarm events will be displayed by priority, date / time written to the database and then grouped by point address. To acknowledge one (1) alarm, highlight the alarm from the list. Further alarm details will be provided in the Alarm Information box.
  • In the Operator comment box, the operator has the ability to type in a custom message indicating how the alarm was handled or click on the drop down arrow to select from a list of pre-defined alarm messages.
  • Once the operator message has been filled in as desired, click on the Clear Alarm and Move to History button. This button acknowledges the alarm and moves the alarm to history for later reporting.
  • To acknowledge all alarms, tick the check box “Clear All Alarms” and click on the Clear Alarm and Move to History button. Note: When selecting the “Clear All Alarms” check box, all alarms will be deleted and will not be available for reporting.