Alternate Backup Method Using Windows Backup

Alternate Backup Method using Windows Backup

  • An alternative Backup Utility is also provided with Windows XP Professional and higher. To start the Backup utility, look in System Utilities in the Start Menu (Start, Programs, Accessories, and System Utilities).
  • Click on Setup Automatic Backup file.
  • Select the location to save the backup; this should be a device other than the local computer so the files are available in the event of hardware failure of the local machine.
  • Select the drive to backup.
  • Select the type of files to backup.
  • Select the Data folder containing the database and all the items to Backup. If you are using SQL Server, then you will need to locate the LDF and MDF files. If the database files reside outside of the Data folder ensure these files have been marked for backup.
  • Select how often the backup should run, the day of the week and the scheduled time to execute.
  • Click on Save Settings and Start Backup.