Arm Disarm ELK Integration

Here is documentation on how to arm/Disarm scripts for use in VertX IS2000/IS100.

For the ARM TCP command you can use the following In Triggers and Macros IS100 and IS2000:
TCP(“″,”2101″,”0Da110034560037^”) = ([interfaceid=0][reader=0](E(2,20)))

In this example the Elk panel is in IP address we use port 2101 and the Arm script is “0Da110034560037^” with a pin code of 3456. This arm command is generated whenever an Access Granted is issued at reader 1 (Under V100 address 0), controller V1000 “0”.

The Disarm script looks like this for the same address:
TCP(“″,”2101″,”0Da010034560038^”) = ([interfaceid=0][reader=0](E(2,20)))