Attendance Modules

Attendance Module

The Attendance Module allows the user to specify a date range, an ‘IN’ reader location, an ‘OUT’ reader location, and optional company and/or department to query by.  The Attendance Module will generate a list of card holders that will display card holder activity at each selected IN and OUT reader location chronologically and compute the total number of hours and minutes worked for the selected date range.  Sort by various fields.

The Attendance Module will provide a Print Preview of the Attendance Report for normal printing or exporting to a PDF format.  The Attendance Module does not provide time rules, time exceptions or exclusions for lunches and breaks, only a sum of IN and OUT readings for each personnel record.  Card holders and users of the system must enter and present their card or fob at a designated ‘IN’ reader and upon exiting, they must present their card/fob to a designated ‘OUT’ reader.  IN and OUT readers, for Attendance tracking, do not have to be assigned to a door and can function autonomously from the other access controlled door locations.  The most common application is to use a normal access controlled door’s entry reader as the IN reader and then simple add another reader for the designated exit reader for tracking of OUT readings for the Attendance Report Module.