Backups and Archives


It is imperative that a complete system backup be done prior to making any system or database changes.  Please complete a backup using the backup utility from within IS2000.  The backup utility can be located from the Utilities, Backups and Archive menu item. Please also make a copy of the data folder located in C:\Program Files\IS2000\Data.  Both these files should be saved somewhere that is easily accessible.

Archiving Data

In order for the Archive utility to run on a schedule, the IS2000 software must be running during the time the archive is scheduled to run.  Depending on the amount of transactions being archived the archive can take several hours.

Prior to converting Access to SQL an archive of the events should be completed, to perform archives please do the following:

From IS2000, go to Utilities, Backups and Archives.

Click on the Archive button.

Select a path for the archive to be stored, the default folder of IS2000_Archive can be accepted.

Click the Begin a Manual Archive Now button.  Or if it is desired to run the archive during the evening when the system is not heavily in use, set a time for Auto Archive Daily at this time.

Converting Microsoft Access Database to SQL

Below please find a link that will take you directly to the documentation to convert Microsoft Access to SQL.  If you should have any questions during this process please do not hesitate to call.

The link for the migration tool is provided below: