Configuring the VertX IP Address

Configuring the VertX IP address

•  From the Host computer configure the IP address of the host computer to be and a sub-net of
•  Connect a cross-over cable from the host computer to the VertX controller.
•  From an Internet Explorer browser type .

NOTE:  The VertX hardware platform has a programming IP address of and will always be available regardless of the IP address programmed into the controller.

  • Enter the root or admin username and password.
  • Under the Connection Selection select the Network Radio button.
  • Under the Basic Setup section configure the following properties.
  • Under the VertX addressing section select the Static radio button.
  • Enter in the IP Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway for the controller.  This information should be obtained from the onsite IT Administrator.
  • Under the Basic Central Station/Host Communications Setup enter the IP address of the Host computer.  This IP address must reflect the IP address of the server in order for communications to be established.  If the controller will be located outside of the LAN (Local Area Network) this IP Address should reflect the External IP address of the Hosts router.  If the controller will be using the External IP of the router, port forwarding will need to be established for ports 4050 and 4070.
  • The Here I am Interval should be set to a value of 20 seconds.
  • Enter a password for the controller; this password should be a minimum of eight (8) characters.  The password will have to be entered a second time to confirm the password has been entered correctly.
  • Click the Submit button.
  • On the next page, verify the changes have been entered correctly and click the Save button.  All changes will be displayed in red text.
  • Close the Internet Browser.
  • Change the IP address of the Host machine to be on the same sub-net as the IP address programmed into the controller.  For example if the controller’s IP address is change the Host machines IP address to the 192.168.0.x range.
  • From the command prompt, ping the IP address of the controller to verify connectivity.  To get to the command prompt click on the Windows Start Menu, Run and type cmd.  If the Run line is not displayed, hold down the flying Window button and the letter R simultaneously.  To ping the controller type ping (where is the IP address of the controller).
  • Once a reply from the controller is received, it is safe to plug the controller into the network.