Connecting IP Cameras

A step-by-step guide for configuring the Generic Video Driver in IS2000 to display live video from an IP Camera


– IS2000 v10 or higher

– IS2000 Video Manager module (requires a separate license)

– IP Camera

– Verify that you can view the live feed from the IP camera in a web browser using IE or Edge.


  1. Login to the IS2000 Server.
  2. Launch IS2000.
  3. Go to Hardware Manager and unlock the module.
  4. Click on the Commands icon (next to the padlock), then select Edit>Add Driver.
  5. In the New Driver (Add a New Driver) window, expand ‘DVR/NVR Video Drivers’, select Generic Video Driver and click OK .
  6. The Generic Video Driver should now appear in the Hardware tree….
  7. Next, right-click the new added Generic Video Driver, select Edit>Add Controller.
  8. In the Add Controller (Add a New Controller) window, select Manual Setup tab and click OK.
  9. The new Generic Video controller should new appear below the Generic Video Driver in the Hardware tree…
  10. Next, right-click the newly added Generic Video (controller, NOT driver) and select Edit>Add Sub-Controller.
  11. In the New Sub-Controller window, select one of the Sub-Controller Type and click OK (Check Mark).  Note: the Sub-Controller type will represent how many IP Cameras you want to connect. If more than 32 cameras are needed, you’ll need to add an additional sub-controller).
  12. The picture below shows a sub-controller (3.0.0) with an 8-Channel Camera System added to the Generic Video controller.  
  13. Next, select the first available camera (Camera #1) and in the Properties section, click on the Video IP Address dropdown arrow.
  14. Enter the IP address or dns name of the IP camera, for example:, click OK.
  15. To view the live video feed, right-click on Camera #1, select Live Video.
  16. If successful, the Video Manager window will appear, displaying the live video feed from the IP camera.