Connecting to VertX WAN/LAN

From the VertX controller’s perspective, what IP address does it see the IS2000 server as?  That is the IP address that should be entered into the CS Host property for each respective controller.  Port forwarding of 4050 and 4070 may need to be enabled in the routers to achieve this.  In addition ports 4050 (PC to VertX) and 4070 (VertX to PC) need to be unblocked for the routers and the IS2000 server.

From the IS2000 server’s perspective, what IP address does it see each of the controllers?  This is what should be entered as the IP Address property for each controller in Hardware Manager.

VertX works a little different in the communications method when compared to Mercury.  Communication is initiated from the Host to the controller, but then disconnected and re-connected from the Controller to the Host.  The controller will only communicate to a single host as defined in the CS Host property.  Once you’ve specified the CS Host property in the VertX configuration page and clicked on save, the controller will reset it’s communication and attempt to talk to the IS2000 server using the CS Host IP address.