Controller Properties (Onity) in Hardware Manager

  • From the Hardware Manager click on the pad lock to unlock the Hardware module, without the pad lock unlocked; the controller properties box will not be displayed.
  • Highlight the controller from the hardware tree.
    • Address – The Address field displays the driver number the controller is assigned to in the first digit and the controller address in the second digit.  For example 2.0 would be driver 2 controller 0.
    • Description – A Controller description can be given to the device by clicking in the text field to the right of the description tag.
    • Controller_Type – This value will be automatically selected if the controller was added using the Auto-Setup feature.  If the controller has been added using this feature the field will be grayed out and is not configurable.  If the controller has been added manually, the operator must designate the type of device to add.
    • Poll – Check box value to determine whether or not communication attempts to be made to this controller.  With the box checked, communication will be attempted.  When the box is checked / unchecked the driver will need to be stopped and restarted before the changes are made.
    • Heartbeat – The time in seconds that the controller will wait before attempting to poll the Door Lock(s).
    • Daylight_Savings – This property will enable / disable the observance of daylight savings in the controller’s internal clock.  To modify the Daylight_Savings property, click on the drop down arrow to the right of the Daylight_Savings tag and select the Daylight_Savings option the controller should follow.
    • IP_Address – Host name or IP address for the Ethernet controller.  The IP address field will automatically be populated if the controller was added using the Auto-Setup feature.  To modify the IP address the software sees, type the IP value in the text box to the right of the IP_Address tag.
    • Card_Format – A card format is a set of values used to configure a card reader to accept certain bit or data structures and facility codes.  Up to four (4) card formats can be added per WAP controller.  To add a card format, click on the drop down arrow to the right of the Card_Format tag.  Four (4) tabs will be displayed allowing the operator to configure one (1) card format per tab.  Highlight the first available tab and click on the center icon.  This icon appears as a book with a magnifying glass and allows the operator to copy a card format from an existing library.  After clicking on the Copy Card Format icon select the card type, Wiegand or Magnetic.  By clicking on the card type a library of card formats will be displayed.  Click on the format that matches the cards purchased.  Once the format has been selected, the operator can make changes to any of the format fields to customize the format for the customers use. For example, if using a 37 bit format with a facility code of 19 the operator would modify the 37 bit format’s facility code to reflect 19.  Click the floppy disc to save the changes.

Note:  The Wireless Access Point (WAP) communicates on TCP Port 8008 to IS2000.  Please make sure that no firewalls are blocking this port.