Controller Status Screen

Controller Status for Mercury and HID

In Hardware Manager each tick mark on the Controller Status screen represents the device and the status of the device.  A green tick mark indicates the device is secured or inactive, a red tick mark indicates the device is unsecured or active.  If the tick mark is light green / pink that point has been masked.  The status of a point will change if activated on all conditions with the exception of a momentary command or Request to Exit (REX)

Row 1 from Left to Right

1 = Door Contact for Door 1
2 = REX for Door 1
3 = Door Contact for Door 2
4 = REX for Door 2
5 = Monitor Point 1
6 = Monitor Point 2
7 = Monitor Point 3
8 = Monitor Point 4

Row 2 from Left to Right

1 = Door 1 Reader
2 = Door 1 Strike
3 = Door 2 Reader
4 = Door 2 Strike

Controller Status Screen for Onity

A list of 32 potential door locks is displayed in a list with columns for the following:

  • Description- A descriptive name for the Door Lock.
  • Status- The state of the Door Lock (Open or Closed)
  • Lock- The state of the Lock (Locked or Unlocked)
  • Deadbolt- The state of the Deadbolt (Disabled or Enabled)
  • Users- The total number of users that have been loaded in the lock.  The maximum is 5,000.
  • Battery- A calculated approximate percentage of battery life remaining for the Door Lock.