Copying an Existing Personnel Record

Copying an Existing Personnel Record:

  • Unlock the module to allow editing of the Personnel module.
  • Highlight the record to be copied.
  • Click on the plus sign icon and select Add Copy of Current Record.
  • Modify the First Name and Middle Name (Optional) in the fields provided.
  • Card #: Enter the Card # in the spot provided, depending on the hardware platform it may be required to specify a card format from the drop down list to the right of Card #. If utilizing the Mercury platform (i.e. SCP, APC) the card format pick list will not be displayed. If necessary, up to two (2) unique card numbers can be entered per cardholder record.
  • Reissue Code This field is a numeric field that allows the operator to keep track of the number of cards issued to a specified card holder. This field is not a required field. To enter a value into the field, click in the box to the right of the Reissue Code tag and enter the desired numeric value.
  • Vehicle ID Enter the card holders vehicle license plate number. This field is not a required field and is a text based field allowing for both alpha and numeric characters.
  • Pin If utilizing pin reader modes, a user definable pin code can be entered in the Pin field. Pin codes can be any number combination using from 1 15 digits for the Mercury hardware platform and any number combination using four digits for the VertX hardware platform
  • HotStamp: (Optional) Enter the Hotstamp number, this number is the number shown on the back of the card. Often, for additional security, the internal card number will be different from the number shown on the card (hotstamp number). This field can be helpful in locating a card when the hotstamp number differs from that of the card number.
  • Card Type: If the personnel record copied had a Card Type selected, this field will already be populated with the information copied.
  • Activate Date: This information will be populated with the same Activation date assigned to the copied record.
  • Expiration Date This information will be populated with the same Expiration date assigned to the copied record.
  • Access Levels: Access Levels from the copied record will be defined in the Access Levels box, Access Levels can be modified by performing a right mouse click to add / delete or modify the record.