Custom Commands

Settings -> Custom Commands

  • From the Settings menu click on Custom Commands.
  • Select the next available Custom Command by clicking on the drop down arrow and clicking on the desired number.
  • Picture: Associate a picture by clicking in the Properties box to the right of Picture. This picture will be the icon displayed at the bottom of the IS2000 window.
  • Command: Select command 64: Macro Command from the properties to the right of Command.
  • Address: Select the Controller address by clicking in the properties box to the right of Address. The controller selected should be the controller where the device exists.
  • Data: Enter the Macro number in the properties box to the right of Data. This number can be obtained by looking in Triggers and Macros.
  • Password: If a password is required, enter the password in the properties box to the right of Password. If a password is set, the operator will be required to enter a password prior to being able to execute the command button.

NOTE:  Command buttons are available by Operator Profile. Any Custom Commands will need to be created under individual profiles to be available for use. Custom Commands already created will display the name of the Custom Command in the list next to the number.