Data Replicator

Please Note:  Replication will only work on systems that are using SQL Server or SQL Express.  This application utility will only replicate the Data folder and SQL Database, this DOES NOT replicate the application software.

Setup Steps:

1)  Create an ODBC DSN on the Primary server that points to a Database on the Replication PC.

2)  Map a drive on the Primary Server to a location on the Replication PC where the Data folders/files will get stored.  This will be the Data folder for the Replication PC.

3)  Start the Replication software and maximize or restore the window to view the GUI.

4)  You’ll have 25 seconds to click on the ‘Stop Timer and Configure Settings’ button before the replication process begins.

5)  From the Configuration window, enter the ODBC DSN for the Replication PC and select the mapped drive letter on the Replication PC.

6)  Click OK, and the Replication process will begin within 25 seconds.  When the replication process is complete, the application will automatically close.

7)  Schedule the Data Replication Utility to run automatically via the Windows Scheduler.