Dial – up Comm – Sharing Channels

When a controller is created in Hardware Manager, a unique channel is assigned to that controller.  For example, controller 1.0 will have channel 0 assigned to it and controller 1.1 will have channel 1 assigned to it by default.  A channel defines the communications pathway between the IS2000 software driver and the field controller(s).  A channel could be a serial connection, dial-up, or Ethernet connection type.  In most cases, the default works just fine, with having a unique channel for each controller.

In some cases, channels can be shared when there are limited ports on a PC, or when controllers need to share a modem.  For these cases, the channel with the active pathway is assigned to multiple controllers.  For example, if channel 0 is the active channel, then it would be assigned to controllers 1.0 and 1.1.  The one thing to watch out for, is to make sure that the inactive channel (in this case channel 1) is not set to the same serial port (for serial connection type), modem (for dial-up), IP address (for Ethernet) as the active channel.

To make a channel inactive, do one of the following:

  • set the channel to an inactive serial port with a serial connection.
  • set the channel to an IP address that is blank with an Ethernet connection type.

Inactive channels can only be modified/viewed when they are assigned to a controller.