HID: Edge Solo to Edge Host Conversion


This document describes the upgrade process converting an Edge Solo to an Edge Host. Once completed, this upgrade is irreversible. Be aware that all customer entered data will be over written during this process.
First, review the process with your host application provider before initiating this conversion. Information is required from your host application provider for the initial setup of the Edge Host device and, if supported, for importing customer entered data from the Edge Solo.


  1. Obtain the proper Convert to Host package file (.PKG).
  2. Connect the EDGE Solo requiring upgrade using one of the following methods:
    • a. JumpStart shortcut
    • b. Discovery GUI
    • c. EDGE Solo’s IP address placed in the Address field of your web browser
  3. Using the customer’s assigned password, log into the Edge Solo.
  4. Navigate to the Installer Settings tab. Check the firmware version located in the upper right-hand corner of the tab. If the firmware is version, continue with the following steps. Otherwise skip to step 8.
  5. Navigate to the Utilities tab.
  6. From the Utilities tab, scroll down to the Firmware Update section. Use the browse button to navigate to the ES400-100-Upgrade_Prep.pkg file (downloaded previously). Follow the directions on the screen.
  7. When the first update completes successfully, reconnect to the Edge Solo Management Console. Navigate to the Convert to Host Operation web page by replacing the XX.XX.XX.XX of the example with the IP address of the Edge Solo device. (Example: http://XX.XX.XX.XX/html/ConvertToHostOperation.html)
  8. Follow the instructions provided using the Convert to Host package file (.PKG) file (downloaded previously).
  9. When this process is complete, the Edge device will no longer contain the Solo application and therefore the status bar will not complete. Note: From the time the Upload button is pressed, the conversion will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.
  10. Only configure the Network Settings of the device. All other configuration is managed by your host application provider. Note: In order to connect to the converted Edge host web pages, it is suggested to clear your browser cache.