IS2000: Mercury: Elevator Control Setup

The instructions below are for setting up elevator control with Mercury hardware.

Note: Elevator Control is ONLY supported by Mercury controllers.

  1. Please follow the Mercury hardware set up instructions to add all necessary Mercury drivers, controllers, and sub-controllers.

The Mercury hardware instructions are located here:

  1. Navigate to the IS2000 hardware manager and unlock the module. Locate the sub-controller readers in the IS2000 hardware manager. (See Figure 1)

Figure 1


  1. From the sub-controller readers, left click on the reader that corresponds to the elevator reader. Next, modify the following two reader properties (See Figure 2):
  • Device: “Proximity reader”
  • Reader_Settings: 004 Elevator Reader (No Feedback)

Figure 2


4. Below is a list of additional elevator properties (each site will need to modify the below “Elevator Definitions” per scenario):

a. Max Floors Controlled by this reader: This option allows a defined number of outputs to be assigned to the reader.

b. First Elevator Relay Sub-Controller: Select the output/relay sub-controller.

c. First Elevator Relay Address: Here, you can assign the first control point in the relay range being assigned.

Example: If Max Floors Controlled by this reader is set to four, the First Elevator Relay Address would be #1. If another elevator is added with four floors using the same output/relay sub-controller, the First Elevator Relay Address would be #5.

d. First Elevator Input Sub-Controller: This option should be set to None and is not used.

e. First Elevator Input Address: This option should be set to None and is not used.

f. Override Mode: This option is set according to the floor group assigned to the override control points. (Note: Floor groups must have been created PRIOR to assigning this option).

g. Offline Mode/Facility Code: These options are used as a failsafe mode. In the event the controller goes offline, the cardholder will be granted access according to the facility code assigned to the card.