Emailing the Access Trace History Report

  • Unlock the pad lock to allow editing of the Personnel Manager module.
  • Click on the Advanced Access tab located in Personnel Manager.
  • Locate the card holder to be traced from the card holder list located in the left hand column.  For information on using find / filter options to locate a card holder please see help section labeled “Using the Filter feature to locate a Personnel Record”.
  • Click on the Access Trace History button.  A listing of all card presentations will be displayed and includes the Date, Time, Address, Address Description and Event Description (Access Granted / Access Denied) for each card swipe.
  • Click on the printer icon displayed in the upper left hand corner.  A separate window will open with the formatted report.
  • From the report window click on the envelope icon.  The report will automatically be attached to an e-mail allowing the user to enter in the mail recipient and message.